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“When I walk into my office in the mornings, I never know what the rest of my day is going to look like. My job is full of variation; I am the crucial link between the international clients and the internal departments. We have clients in regions all over the world, and I’m in constant contact with all the departments in our company. The coordination of a massive quantity of practical issues also leads to a great deal of variation.”

“As the single point of contact, I answer the distributors’ questions. Every client receives first-rate service. I provide them with special documents that I’ve requested for them internally. The intense level of contact with all the various parties makes my job quite challenging. What’s more is that I’m able to get in daily practice for my languages. I completed a languages programme and I believe that the fact that I can use English, Spanish and German in my job is a plus.

“Our distributors’ demands can differ from region to region. A start-up country, like the one we now have in Latin America, requires a significant number of import documents and quality guarantees, for instance. I’ve been busy with my latest file for a couple of months now (laughs). On the other hand, there is a lot of demand for language-specific labels in Eastern Europe. Obviously every country wants its own language on the packaging. Just to make it even more challenging, northern Europe uses different quantities and we have to provide the right pallets.”

“The best aspect of my job, in addition to the great relationship I have with my two colleagues, is the trade fairs that I help organise. Every two years, we take part in a major food trade fair in Cologne and Paris, as well as the annual International Sweets and Biscuits Fair in Cologne. I handle the practical organisation: from booking hotels, to sending samples, to then making sure that all of the materials are on site. I am always satisfied when the organisation goes well and colleagues and clients are excited about the trade fair stand.”

“Working at Jules Destrooper definitely has its benefits. The flexible working hours, for example, are very practical for white-collar employees. This makes it very easy to balance my job and my family. My commute to work is 25 minutes every day, and it’s nice to have some room to manoeuvre so that I have a bit of time in the afternoon to get some shopping done, for instance.”


“I got this job through a selection agency, but it was really the appeal of the brand that cinched it for me. Jules Destrooper is incredibly interesting. I’d already had experience in the food sector and really wanted to work for a brand that I had an affinity for. I also pursued a lot of internal and external connections. These are fully fledged now.”

“In the meantime, I’ve been here for a whole year and it’s just flown by (laughs). That’s been great; I really like working here. The content of the role suits me perfectly and the product is also interesting. I see a whole lot of potential here. But it’s not just for the company, because while without a doubt the brand still has room to expand significantly, I also have that potential. You have the opportunity here to grow into other positions. And if that’s what you really want, it’s possible to take on another role in the company. People here are definitely open to this.”

“I’m really grateful to be able to work for Jules Destrooper. It’s a brand you can be proud of. When I say I work for Jules Destrooper, I don’t have to say much more than that. Everybody knows our products. When I see one of our biscuits served with my coffee at a restaurant, I always feel a glimmer of pride. ‘Look at this’, I think, ‘we really made that’.”