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Packer & Shift Manager

“When I started, my job was pretty stressful. We did a lot by hand back then and the tempo was pretty high. Sometimes we had to run to get everything packaged (laughs). Things are completely different today; luckily, a lot has been automated. And your colleagues are always ready to lend a hand.”

“As a wrapper, I manually take all the biscuits from the conveyor belt and put them into the packaging machine. A bit further down the line, they come rolling out of the machine, nice and neatly in a folding box. I work in the factory in Lo, along with four or five colleagues. Two people wrap the biscuits, another does quality control, and then another two take the folding boxes out of the machine and stack them. The quality is constantly checked, even during the packaging phase because our requirements are incredibly high. Every half hour, we test the shelf life, the shape, the flavour, the weight, etc. The best test, naturally, is to occasionally pick a biscuit off the belt and taste it ourselves. Of course that isn’t a problem. I personally don’t eat a lot of biscuits while I’m working, but I have colleagues who have a really hard time resisting (laughs).”

“Sometimes I also substitute for the shift manager. Then I’m responsible for the lines and I have to make sure that everything is there for the packaging. I get everything ready for the next day: folding boxes, blister packs, films, etc. I set up the machines too, because some boxes have different measurements, for instance, and I also give the employees instructions. The same goes for the tea rooms and the bakers; I also make sure that they have everything they need to get started. There’s a solution to every problem. Like recently, our sugar was delivered late due to road blocks. We had to add bags of sugar by hand then. Not little bags either, but big, 20-kg bags.”

“There’s a great working atmosphere at Jules Destrooper. The colleagues really put a lot of confidence in you here. I’ve been working here since 1993, but I learn something new every day. Obviously it speaks volumes that I’ve been working here for over 20 years. It’s wonderful to be able to work for such a high-quality brand. Most people are familiar with our biscuits, and I’ve never heard any complaints. And when I see the labels with all those addresses for the places where our biscuits are being sent, I always glow with pride. Portugal, America, Asia… Jules Destrooper really is all over the world.”