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“I bake biscuits at Jules Destrooper. This means that I’m responsible for prepping the dough, properly dividing the dough, and the final baking process. Every biscuit has its own recipe, naturally, and I know them all by heart. All told, there are about 50 recipes, each with their own specific details. I didn’t have to study especially for this or anything (laughs); as the oldest baker in the factory, I have over 16 years of experience under my belt.”

“I’m the first one in the bakery in the mornings, two hours before the packers get started. I check if all the ingredients are present and then start the dough. While I’m doing that, the oven is pre-heating. Once the dough has been kneaded and the oven is hot enough, I can start baking. It takes a good two hours to go from dough to packaged biscuit. The packers have arrived by the time I’m ready with the first batch, so that the biscuits are fresh when they’re packaged. In order to guarantee the quality, all of our products are vacuum-packed immediately after the final baking process.”

“I really enjoy working at Jules Destrooper because of the responsibility that comes with my job. In the end, I’m the one who determines the flavour of every biscuit that rolls off the belt. I’ve always enjoyed working with food. I used to be a fresh baker, and had my own bakery for over eleven years. Baking biscuits is a lot more fun. The salary and the hours are much better, and luckily, I don’t have to work every weekend and every holiday any more, but the biggest change was still the materials that I worked with. Biscuit dough is completely different from bread dough, which is much denser. And a lot of the work in the industry has also been automated. I had to do almost everything by hand in my old bakery, so this job is much less physically demanding.”

“Do I taste test every batch of biscuits that comes out of my oven? Of course I do! (laughs) Somebody’s got to keep an eye on the quality, right?”