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Our visitor centre is exceptionally closed until May 31st 2020.

Visitor centre

Take a stroll through the delicious past of Jules Destrooper and find out everything you've always wanted to know about our world-famous biscuits.

At the visitor centre you'll take a stroll through the rich history of Jules Destrooper  and learn exactly how our biscuits are baked. You'll discover everything there is to know about the old family recipes and the current production processes. Of course you'll also get an opportunity to extensively sample our range of biscuits.

Practical information

Gravestraat 5
8647 Lo, Belgium, Belgium

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Admission rates

€ 5.00 pp. Adults and children + 12

€ 3.00 pp. Children - 12

free Children -6 

€ 35.00 Guide on request - additional fee

2€ discount Teacher's card

In case you opt for the school arrangement you will receive €1 discount per student.
Counselors and/or teachers enjoy a free entrance.

Cannot be combined with other discounts or group visits. These prices apply until 31/12/2020

Opening hours

Open Tuesday through Saturday
from 9.30 a.m. until 12.30 p.m. and from 1.30 p.m. until 5.30 p.m.
Last entrance: one hour before closing


Closed Closed on Monday, Sundays and public holidays 
( Subject to change)





Primary schools - years 1 through 4

Are you on a quest to discover the secrets of Jules Destrooper? We gladly take your pupils with us on a delectable expedition. They'll playfully and interactively learn everything there is to know about the legend of our biscuits, through special themes, processes and concepts. A workbook with some fun assignments is also available.

Primary schools - Years 5 and 6

We'll guide your class on a journey that will bring the whole Jules Destrooper biscuit factory story to life.

Our experienced guide will take you down the "old alley", after which you walk past Jules's actual bakery and then take a quick peek inside the factory. The pupils will learn everything there is to know about our rich history: regional traditions, machines that have been decommissioned, survival the wars, and more. A fascinating film reveals more about the secrets of the current production process.

Secondary school

We make the visit even more interesting for secondary school pupils with a fascinating activity book. Pupils can solve questions before, during and after the visit with this activity book. It will also give them a better insight into how our company operates.



Zoete-Koeke-Route (Sweet Biscuit Trail)

We have developed a brand-new arrangement for gourmets with a healthy interest in traditional sweets, called the Zoete Koeke Route. The Bakery Museum in Veurne and the Jules Destrooper visitor centre guide your group on an expedition through the history of bread, pastries and our world-famous biscuits.

Exclusive Seastar

Package In partnership with Nieuwpoort's Seastar shipping company, you'lllearn more about the history of the stunning Westhoek Region: see the splendid polders, the breath-taking Trenches of Death and so much more!

Individual visitors

Kids' Trail: In search of the Golden Biscuit

Sleuths who enjoy a good adventure can go on a treasure hunt in Lo! "In search of the Golden Biscuit" is a 2-km children's hiking trail with some fun activities (8-12 years).

The Zoete-Koeke (Sweet Biscuit) cycling route

Combine your incredibly tasty visit with a healthy cycling tour in the gorgeous Westhoek region. Start your journey at the Bakery Museum in Veurne or at the Jules Destrooper visitor centre in Lo.


Do you have a Plopsa pass? Then you're eligible for a fantastic discount for the Jules Destrooper visitor centre. Adults only pay € 2.50 (instead of € 5), and children € 2.50 (instead of €3).